Friday, May 29, 2009

tesserae: the art of mosaic

I'm so excited! Two of my pieces, The Tree of Inner Solitude and Kissed by the Tree of Weeping Love, were accepted into the juried show: Tesserae: The Art of Mosaic. They will be at the 2nd City Council Gallery in Long Beach, CA from June 27 - August 5.


Barbara Benson Keith said...

Congratulations!!! That's very exciting! I hear you might be going out there! Can't wait to see you.

cbmosaics said...

Congrats again Connie! I will look forward to seeing you at the reception!

catherine said...

hi connie,

congratulations on the long beach show. i was just on wits end ordering supplies and i see that you are te featured artist. i also have a piece that is going to the show, do you know any other artist from mn. that were selected? i live in saint paul. i am still working on my web site it keeps changing etc. but hope to have it up soon. again congrats. you must be a very busy woman.