Monday, June 15, 2009

giving thanks!

Starting out my day, being very grateful for all the support I receive from the amazing art/mosaic community. It makes me twill with glee to be a part of this group. Thanks everyone!

Big thanks to Kim at WitsEnd Mosaics for all of her endless sharing of priceless information. She goes way beyond in helping and figuring out solutions. In addition, a big thanks to her for featuring me in her Artist of the Month.
You can find Kim's full-service, on-line store at:

Big thanks to Stacy Alexander for being such a strong advocate for the arts community. She monthly features artists in her blog as a way of giving back to the community. Kudos to you and thanks for this months feature.
Stacy's blog is: and her website is:

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Stacy Alexander said...

Thank you, Connie!

Readers might particularly enjoy the fabulous mosaic artist I have featured on my blog today!

...and I might add that if you know of any other artists who might like to be featured, please pass along my contact information.

Stacy Alexander